massage therapy pic4UPPER BODY: Neck, shoulders & back, postural issues & headaches

LOWER BODY: Low back, hips & legs, issues due to prolonged sitting


Massage Therapist 3REMEDIAL EXERCISE: To improve health and heal faster from injury
Excellent assistance to o
ptimize recovery

REHABILITATION FROM INJURY: Gain movement and reduce pain from injury


Massage Therapist 5OLDER ADULTS: Helping manage the various physical changes that can come with aging, Improving and maintaining function, Staying Independent longer

PARAFFIN WAX TREATMENTS: Found to be effective for the management of symptoms of arthritis by lowering pain and increasing mobility. Also effective for Improving the quality of scar tissue and surgery incision site



Massage Therapist 4WORKPLACE: 
Workplace wellness events, Assisting workers returning to work from injury

FITNESS WORKSHOPS: For the aches and pains of our lives


Massage Therapist 1EDUCATION: Ensuring that exercises are performed appropriately.
Hosting regular workshops to improve and assist a healthy lifestyle

HEALTH PRODUCTS: Also available for purchase